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Living Ledge Vertical Garden Container

The World’s Only Patented Transitional and Functional

Vertical Garden Container System

Helping You Garden All Year, in any season!

Easily attach your Living Ledge Vertical Garden Container to any completely smooth surface with our specially designed, mega-strong suction cups to create an instant and low maintenance vertical garden.  Use for  your herb / kitchen gardening, vegetable gardening / urban farming, houseplants, flower boxes, terrarium gardening, horticultural education / therapy. 

Use Living Ledge Vertical Garden Containers Indoors & Outdoors!

005 Living Ledge Assembly

Just Say NO to:

  • messy, wall wrecking vertical garden fabric pockets

  • magnetic, surface damaging, vertical garden systems

  • screw in hanging window garden systems that ruin your window casings

  • traditional containers that leave your counters and window sills a mess

  • smelly, hard to care for and loud hydroponic systems

  • expensive garden windows, installation fees and unnecessary construction

Just say GROW with Living Ledge!

Living Ledge

Who LOVES Living Ledge Vertical Garden Container

Gardeners, Chefs/Cooks, Teachers, Kids, Seniors / those with Disabilities. 

Living Ledge helps everyone grow up, the fun way! 

Get yours or give growing as a gift TODAY!

Living Ledge Vertical Gardening Outdoors too!  No more screw holes in your siding or window casings.  Growing couldn’t be more fun, vertically and mess free!

Living Ledge styled the 2nd season set of The Julie Taboulie Lebanese Cooking Show!  Cooking fresh is the only way!

Living Ledge make the most beautiful and functional window coverings.


Crafted in USA Every Living Ledge is Laser Cut, Hand Crafted and Made to Order for you in Johnson City, New York by Patented Inventor, Chrissy Rex, Life and Business Partner Mike Rex, Big Daddy Rex &The Rex Design Family!

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